20 June 2012

The Dungeons - Edinburgh

Delve into Scotland’s most horrible history at the Edinburgh Dungeon - experience live actors, thrilling rides and exciting special effects.  Step back into the darkest of times… are you brave enough to face 80 minutes of Scotland’s dark past?

1. Judgement of Sinners

It is the middle of the 17th Century and the justice system is harsh, unpredictable and frequently lethal. Pray the judge has pity on your soul. Your sentencing and fate await you!

2. Torture Chamber

Discover the instruments of the torturer’s dark art in the grim torture chamber of the Royal Mile Jail. It’s a first-hand education in the cruel implements that were available to loosen your tongue, or tear it out!

3. Sawney Bean: Cave of the Cannibals

Face Sawney Bean and his frightening family of flesh eating cannibals. Travel by boat, deep into their cave for meal time......Will you escape, or become the cannibal's next fresh meat?

4. Burke & Hare: The Business of Murder

Edge your way through the darkness and tombstones of the murky burial ground and find yourself in the very gravest of situations. Come face to face with notorious serial killers Mr Burke and Mr Hare.

5. Mary King's Ghost

It is 1646 and an overwhelming stench hits you as you enter the mysterious Mary King's Close. Discover the plague ridden streets, feel the unease around you as those left to die haunt the close. Will you catch it...or will they you?

6. William Wallace: Allegiance

Meet the greatest patriot of all time and hear the tale of his gory end. Choose your allegiance as you face Scotland’s warrior hero and prepare for battle…

7. Extremis: Drop Ride to Doom!

Wait as your sentence is read and your fate decided in the hanging gallows of Edinburgh Dungeon! Hear the screams of those around you, criminals condemned together, and draw your breath as you are lifted to face your doom!

8. Labyrinth of Lost Souls

Enter the Edinburgh Dungeon's Haunted Labyrinth, a dark and terrifying maze of catacombs that stretches beneath the Royal Mile.

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